Co Fermanagh & Co Tyrone Dairy Stock Judging Heats Results

19 April 2017

Co Fermanagh & Co Tyrone Dairy Stock Judging Heats Results

The YFCU’s annual dairy stock judging county and area heats, run in association with Ulster Bank have taken place at farms throughout Northern Ireland.
The Co Fermanagh & Co Tyrone heats were held on Thursday 13th April at Jamie Sproule’s farm in Castlederg. The dairy judges Kenny Hawkes, Trevor Armstrong, William Crawford and Trevor Keatley.
The YFCU would like to take this opportunity to thank the judges for their time and expertise and thank Jamie Sproule for hosting this event and to our sponsor Ulster Bank and the representative from Ulster Bank that came on the night Ciaran Cassidy.

The results for the dairy stock judging heats are as follows:

Co Fermanagh

12-14 Age Group
1st Jack Armstrong, Kesh YFC
2nd Jordon Ellis, Kesh YFC
3rd Andrew Elliott, Lisbellaw YFC
4th Evan Thompson, Kesh YFC

14-16 Age Group
1st Tom Rooney, Lisbellaw YFC
2nd Jill Belfour, Lisbellaw YFC
3rd Darragh Walker, Kesh YFC
4th Andrew Humphreys, West Fermanagh YFC

16-18 Age Group
1st Christopher Balfour, Lisbellaw YFC
2nd Hannah Birney, Kesh YFC
3rd Daniel Dunne, Kesh YFC

18-21 Age Group
1st William Parkinson, Lisbellaw YFC
2nd Edward Allan, West Fermanagh YFC
3rd Craig Cowan, Lisbellaw YFC
4th Sarah Little, West Fermanagh YFC

21-25 Age Group
1st George Irvine, Kesh YFC
2nd Rebecca Brunt, Lisbellaw YFC

25-30 Age Group
1st Gillian Henderson, Kesh YFC

Co Tyrone

12-14 Age Group
1st Joanne Clingen, Seskinore YFC
2nd Joshua Keys, Seskinore YFC
3rd Mark Buchananah, Derg YFC
4th Josh Hamilton, Derg YFC

14-16 Age Group
1st Ellen Crawford, Seskinore YFC
2nd Janice Clingen, Seskinore YFC
3rd Gavin Short, Seskinore YFC
4th Adam Hawkes, Seskinore YFC

16-18 Age Group
1st Alan Fleming, Cappagh YFC
2nd Victoria Allen, Clogher Valley YFC
3rd James McKelvey, Newtownstewart YFC
4th Claire Allen, Clogher Valley YFC

18-21 Age Group
1st Michaela Short, Castlecaufield YFC
2nd Graeme Monteith, Seskinore YFC
3rd Samuel Hunter, Derg Valley YFC
4th William Smyth, Trillick and District YFC

21-25 Age Group
1st Nathan Moore, Cappagh YFC
2nd John Edgar, Trillick & District YFC
3rd Bryan Fleming, Clanabogan YFC
4th Stuart McIvor, Castlecaufield YFC

25-30 Age Group
1st Victoria Ross, Newtownstewart YFC
2nd Adam Crockett, Derg Valley YFC
3rd Iain Fleming, Cappagh YFC

All those members placed will now attend the stock judging finals which will be held on Thursday 6th July, 2017 (venue TBC).

Photo: Pictured are YFCU members from Co Fermanagh & Co Tyrone with Ciaran Cassidy from Ulster Bank at the 2017 Co Fermanagh & Co Tyrone Dairy Stock Judging Heats.