RESULTS - Dairy Stock Judging Heats, Co Down

26 March 2019

RESULTS - Dairy Stock Judging Heats, Co Down

Well done to everyone who took part in the Dairy Stock Judging Heats.

Results from Co. Down are as follows:

Age Group 12-14

1st Ryan McKnight, Hillhall YFC

2nd Steven Mitchell, Annaclone & Magherally YFC

3rd James Patten, Ballywalter YFC

4th Lucy Rodgers, Spa YFC


Age Group 14-16

1st Alexander Mitchell, Annaclone & Magherally YFC

2nd Ross McKee, Annaclone & Magherally YFC

3rd Harriett Lovall, Donaghadee YFC

4th Daniel Ross, Newtownards YFC


Age Group 16-18

1st Nicola Mitchell, Annaclone & Magherally YFC

2nd Anna Clements, Spa YFC

3rd Amy Breeze, Spa YFC

4th Danielle Connolly, Spa YFC


Age Group 18-21

1st Richard Kennedy, Ballywalter YFC

2nd Hannah Shaw, Spa YFC

3rd Emma-Jayne Donnelly, Annaclone & Magherally YFC

4th Lisa Burrows, Spa YFC


Age Group 21-25

1st Robert Stewart, Newtownards YFC

2nd Phil Donaldson, Donaghadee YFC

3rd Rachel McCracken, Ballywalter YFC

4th Claire Young, Spa YFC


Age Group 25-30

1st Andrew Patton, Newtownards YFC

2nd Andrew Ritchie, Ballywalter YFC

3rd Stuart Cromie, Annaclone & Magherally YFC

4th Jimmy Carlisle, Spa YFC