RESULTS - Dairy Stock Judging Heats, Co Armagh

1 April 2019

RESULTS - Dairy Stock Judging Heats, Co Armagh

Well done to everyone who took part in the Dairy Stock Judging Heats.

Results from Co. Armagh are as follows:

Age Group 12-14

1st Lucy Morton, Bleary YFC

2nd David Walker, Collone YFC

3rd Ryan Holmes, Bleary YFC

4th Ellie Hawthorne, Collone YFC


Age Group 14-16

Joint 1st Joel McMullen, Mountnorris YFC & Sarah Belshaw, Newtownhamilton YFC

3rd  Emily Taylor, Mountnorris YFC

4th Ian Kennedy, Collone YFC


Age Group 16-18

1st Rachel Belshaw, Newtownhamilton YFC

2nd Kathryn Morton, Bleary YFC

3rd Richard Martin, Bleary YFC

4th Ben Cartmill, Mountnorris, YFC


Age Group 18-21

1st Colin Capper, Bleary YFC

2nd George Porter, Mountnorris YFC

Joint 3rd Elliott Moore, Mountnorris YFC & Abby Morton, Bleary YFC


Age Group 21-25

1st Emma Malcomson, Bleary YFC

2nd Zoe Maguire, Bleary YFC

3rd Thomas Chambers, Collone YFC

4th Ian Walker, Collone YFC


Age Group 25-30

1st Brooks Allen, Collone YFC

2nd Benjamin Allen, Collone YFC

3rd Elaine Crozier, Collone YFC