RESULTS - Silage Assessment, Co Down

31 May 2019

RESULTS - Silage Assessment, Co Down

Well done to everyone to who took part in the Silage Assessment Heats. The NI Finals will take place in July, date and venue TBC.

Results from Co. Down are as follows:


Paige Kennedy - Donaghadee YFC

Cole Hogg - Donaghdee YFC

Ryan McKnight - Hillhall YFC

Summer Henderson - Donaghadee YFC


Daniel Ross - Newtownards YFC

Adam Cairns - A&M YFC

Alexander Mitchell - A&M YFC

Ross McKee - A&M YFC

Samuel Moore-Newtownards YFC


Danielle Connolly - Spa YFC

Anna Clements - Spa YFC

Nicola Mitchell - A&M YFC

Zoe Warden - Newtownards YFC


Richard Kennedy - Ballywalter YFC

Callum Nelson - Ballywalter YFC

Hannah Shaw - Spa YFC

Josh Robinson - Newtownards YFC


Nicola Edgar - Spa YFC

Tim Savage - A&M YFC

Matthew Patterson - Spa YFC

Erin Gregg - Spa YFC


Samuel Jimmy Carlisle - Spa YFC

David Young - Spa YFC

Sarah Graham - Killinchy YFC

Stuart Cromie - A&M YFC