RESULTS - Dairy Stock Judging Heats, Co. Londonderry

26 March 2019

RESULTS - Dairy Stock Judging Heats, Co. Londonderry

Well done to everyone who took part in the Dairy Stock Judging Heats.

Results from Co. Londonderry are as follows:

Age Group 12-14

1st: Adam Maxwell, Dungiven YFC

2nd: Hannah McClelland, Coleraine YFC

3rd: Oliver Watson, Coleraine YFC

4th: Molly Atchison, Coleraine YFC

Age Group 14-16

1st: Ryan Brown, Moneymore YFC

2nd: Peter Cunningham, Garvagh YFC

3rd: Francesca Boyd, Coleraine YFC

4th: Amy McCollum, Coleraine YFC

Age Group 16-18

1st: Cara Millar, Coleraine YFC

2nd: Christopher Black, Garvagh YFC

3rd: Matthew McCorkell, Garvagh YFC

4th: Rachel Boyce, Garvagh YFC

Age Group 18-21

Top 4 in no particular order:

Stephen Arthur, Kilrea YFC

Claire Holmes, Curragh YFC

Thomas Millar, Coleraine YFC

David Kelso, Kilrea YFC

Age Group 21-25

1st: Ryan Adams, Coleraine YFC

2nd: Michael Torrens, Garvagh YFC

3rd: Sam Patterson, Dungiven YFC

4th: Matthew Gault, Dungiven YFC

Age Group 25-30

1st: James Purcell, Dungiven YFC

2nd: David Oliver, Dungiven YFC

3rd: Jacki Bolton, Curragh YFC

4th: William Bolton, Curragh YFC