RESULTS - Group Debating Heat 1 Co. Antrim

14 November 2019

RESULTS - Group Debating Heat 1 Co. Antrim

Well done to everyone who took part in the Co. Antrim Group Debating County Heats.

Competitors placed 1st and 2nd place in each age group from this heat will go through to the Final on 28th November at Magherafelt High School.


1st place - Glarryford (Jack King, James Gregg, Zara Lynn)

2nd place - Glarryford (Alexander carson, Leie Hayes, Sam McIntyre)


1st place - Kilraughts (Michaela King, Jayne Kirkpatrick, Charlotte Lynn)

2nd place - Kilraughts (Victoria Currie, James Lynn, James McNeill)


1st place - Kilraughts (James Currie, Mark McNeill, Robbie McNeill)

2nd place - Lylehill (Zara Davis, Kirsty Wallace, Kirsten Davis)


1st place - Glarryford (Jayne Cruikshank, Ellen King, Eva Lowry)

2nd place - /


1st place - Glarryford (Cathy Reid, Jessica Reid, Ruth McClay)

2nd place - Randalstown (Mark Johnston, Jack Johnston, Ryan Bonar)


1st place - Lisnamurrican (Gail McCullough, Olivia Logan, Christine Maybin)

2nd place - Kilraughts (Hannah Kirkpatrick, Lisa Bartlett, Amy Kirkpatrick)