Dairy Stock Judging Results for Co. Fermanagh and Co. Tyrone Heat

13 April 2018

Dairy Stock Judging Results for Co. Fermanagh and Co. Tyrone Heat

YFCU members pictured at the Co. Fermanagh & Tyrone dairy stock judging heat, sponsored by Ulster Bank.

 Dairy Stock Judging Results for Co. Fermanagh and Co. Tyrone Heat


The YFCU annual dairy stock judging competition concluded continued this week with the fifth and final county area heat held on Thursday 12th April at Andrew Little’s Farm, Co. Fermanagh.


Each year the competition run in association with Ulster Bank, brings hundreds of young farmers from across Northern Ireland to compete in the regional heats.


The YFCU would like to take this opportunity to thank the judges Trevor Armstrong, Trevor Keatley, Stephen Brown, Alec Brown & James Oliver for their time and expertise and thank the Little family for hosting this event. Thanks are also extended to the event sponsor Ulster Bank. Silage assessment heats also took place on the night and thanks are extended to Richard Moore from Thompsons for attending the event.


The results for the dairy stock judging Co. Fermanagh heat are as follows:


12-14 Age Group

1st Christopher Hunter, Kesh YFC

2nd Andrew Elliott, Lisbellaw YFC

3rd Adam Johnston, Kesh YFC

4th Matthew Hunter, Kesh YFC



14-16 Age Group

1st Robbie Wilson, Lisbellaw YFC

2nd Chloe McKelvin, Kesh YFC          

3rd Cathy Ogle, Kesh YFC

4th Jill Balfour, Lisbellaw YFC



16-18 Age Group

1st Nadine Hunter, Kesh YFC

2nd Olivia Weir, Kesh YFC

3rd Andrew Humphries, West Fermanagh YFC

4th Nicole Bratton, Kesh YFC



 18-21 Age Group

1st William Parkinson, Lisbellaw YFC

2nd Jack Wilson, Lisbellaw YFC

 3rd Gareth Mayers, Lisbellaw YFC

4th Daniel Thornton, West Fermanagh YFC



 21-25 Age Group

1st Glen McKeown, Lisbellaw YFC

2nd Wayne Manley, West Fermanagh YFC

3rd Jason Kerr, West Fermanagh YFC

4th George Irvine, Kesh YFC



25-30 Age Group

 1st Gillian Henderson, Kesh YFC


 The results for the dairy stock judging Co. Tyrone heat are as follows:


12-14 Age Group

1st Charlie Henderson, Trillick & District YFC

2nd Joanne Clingen, Seskinore YFC

3rd Josh Hamilton, Derg Valley YFC

4th Alistair Crawford, Seskinore YFC



14-16 Age Group

1st David Vance, Trillick & District YFC

2nd Niall Alexander, Clanabogan YFC

3rd Zara Preston, Cappagh YFC

4th Lewis Bratton, Clanabogan YFC



16-18 Age Group

Joint 1st James Vance, Trillick & District YFC

              Jack Henderson, Trillick & District YFC

3rd Adam Hawkes, Seskinore YFC

 4th Andrew Service, Cookstown YFC



 18-21 Age Group

1st Nicola Phair, Seskinore YFC

2nd Trent Brown, Seskinore YFC

 3rd James McKelvey, Newtownstewart YFC

4th Alan Fleming, Cappagh YFC



 21-25 Age Group

1st Lynsay Hawkes, Seskinore YFC

2nd John Edgar, Trillick & District YFC

3rd Brian McKinley, Trillick & District YFC

4th Adam Beggs, Cookstown YFC



25-30 Age Group

 1st Margaret Little, Cookstown YFC

2nd Gillian Wilson, Cappagh YFC

3rd Craig Burrows, Cappagh YFC 

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