Millennium Volunteers Award

3 November 2009

Millennium Volunteers Award

Millennium Volunteers is a UK wide initiative aimed at providing recognition to young people who are volunteering in their local community. Participants are awarded a certificate following the completion of 50, 100 and 200 hours volunteering.  If participants complete 200 hours they receive a nationally recognised Award of Excellence, organised by the Volunteer Development Agency.  The scheme is aimed towards demonstrating the positive contribution young people are making in their local communities.

Many young farmers in office bearer positions are taking the opportunity to participate in the award scheme and are benefiting from the recognition the scheme offers them for the voluntary work they invest in their local clubs.  Several of the young people taking part in the scheme have achieved well over the 200 hours required to achieve their Award of Excellence, demonstrating the time and effort they are putting into their local clubs.

You do not have to be an office bearer to benefit from the Millennium Volunteers Award, if you enjoy volunteering in your local community or with other organisations, you can record the hours you put into voluntary work outside the Young Farmers’ clubs. 

Benefits of Volunteering

The confidence and skills you learn from volunteering will follow you throughout your life, not only this but the friendships formed throughout your time as a volunteer are an invaluable benefit of the volunteering experience

On a practical level, the Millennium Volunteers Award looks fantastic on your CV and demonstrates to employers or universities, the positive work you have been doing in your local community

If you want to participate in the Millennium Volunteers Award and begin recording the hours you are putting into your Young farmers’ club contact

Ruth Montgomery, Millennium Volunteers Co-ordinator

475 Antrim Rd, Belfast, BT15 3BD

Tel: 028 90370713 Mobile: 07841102326