Could you design YFCU's 90th Anniversary Mascot? Enter our Competition!

23 January 2019

The Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster is running a mascot design competition in celebration of it’s 90th anniversary this year.

Could you design YFCU's 90th Anniversary Mascot? Enter our Competition!

Brief Introduction

YFCU is running a mascot design competition for the 90th anniversary of YFCU.

A mascot is a figure or symbol used to represent a group with a common public identity.

The purpose of the mascot is to:

The mascot will be displayed and utilised throughout the 90th anniversary year at events, competitions, meetings, etc. on a variety of online and printed platforms.

YFCU want to involve members of the Young Farmers in the year of celebrations and make them feel part of this achievement, and therefore are inviting them to submit original designs for the Mascot.

Mascots are a great way of keeping organisations in the minds of target audiences. They are fun, useful brand/service and event ambassadors. Therefore they should be appealing in order to grab attention.

Submission Guidelines

1.       Only members of the YFCU are eligible to submit a submission for the Mascot Design Competition.

2.       Only 1 submission per person or group.

3.       All designs must be submitted by post or email to: Laura McVeigh -

4.       Entry deadline is Monday 11th February 2019

5.       All entries must have the following:

6.       The mascot design should have the following requirements:

7.       Entries must warrant that the design is an original piece of work that is not similar to any existing design.


·         The mascot design competition ends on Monday 11th February 2019 and entries submitted after midnight on this date will not be counted.

·         Entries that are incomplete or have not followed the submission guidelines will not be counted.

·         Participants are advised not to post anything online until YFCU announce the participant who submitted the winning entry.

·         The winning entry becomes the exclusive and perpetual property of YFCU and thus reserves the right to bring changes to the entry or to create derivatives from the design entry, including for commercial development.


The entries will be judged by a panel of the following people:

·        Representative from Page Setup Design (Design Agency who will recreate the winning design)

 Winning Design

The participant with the winning design will be contacted by phone / email, and will then be announced on the YFCU website and social media.


The participant with the winning design will receive a gift voucher for £250 and will have the opportunity to visit the design agency and see their design developed and ‘come to life’. The design will be used in print format and potentially in the creation of a life-size suit or character cut-out, so your design must be able to be used in both ways.

The competition will be run in accordance with these rules, subject to amendment by YFCU. Entrants must comply with these rules, and will be deemed to have understood the rules by participating.