YFCU Members Show Their Skills at Stockjudging Final

26 October 2009

YFCU Members Show Their Skills at Stockjudging Final

The results of the 2009 Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster (YFCU) dairy, beef and sheep stockjudging and assessment were announced at the finals day which took place recently at CAFRE, Greenmount Campus.

Over 400 members from clubs across Northern Ireland took part in the heats of the competition, which is run in association with the Ulster Bank, earlier this year.  From these the top four competitors from each age group and each county made it through to the finals.  With over 200 members competing in the finals, there was once again a very high standard of competition in what proved to be a close run event.  

Cormac McKevery and Ann Calwell from Ulster Bank’s agricultural department both attended the event and Cormac commented on the large turnout of competitors at the finals day.

“Ulster Bank are delighted to be continuing our long running support of the YFCU stock judging competitions.  The practical skills picked up by members in preparing for the competitions are very important as the ability to judge and select the best quality stock will always be needed in today’s agricultural industry” said Cormac.  

YFCU President, Thoburn McCaughey, announced the prize winners on the day and before he did so, he thanked the Ulster Bank for the company’s support of the event.

“The YFCU would like to thank the Ulster Bank for their continued support of our portfolio of stockjudging competitions and we would like to pay particular thanks to Ann Calwell and Cormac McKervey, Agricultural Manager, Ulster Bank, for their invaluable practical assistance in the running of these events,” he added.

The YFCU would also like to record its continued indebtedness to Michael Graham and his staff for their ongoing support of the event and for the use of their excellent facilities; to the judges who gave up their time to make their expertise available to the association and to all the members who helped to steward and score the event thus ensuring the smooth running of the competition.  





1st        David Reid, Coleraine

2nd       Daniel Patton,Newtownards

3rd        Kaitlyn Martin, Ballywalter Jnr

4th        Ryan Adam, Coleraine

5th        Samuel Beattie, Finvoy

6th        Richard Beattie, Finvoy



1st        Jane Patton, Newtownards

2nd       Claire Adams, Coleraine

3rd        Michael Smyth, Coleraine

4th        Gillian Rankin, Donaghadee

5th        Joanne Smyth, Coleraine

6th        Nicole Considine,  Ballywalter Jnr



1st        Andrew Patton, Newtownards

2nd       Chantelle Murdoch, Coleraine

3rd        Alison Blair, Coleraine

4th        Ewan Houston, Coleraine

5th        Aaron Shortt, Seskinore

6th        Kathryn Reid



1st        David Dodd, Spa

2nd       Steven Lyons, Seskinore

3rd        George Shaw, Spa

4th        Andrew Boyd, Straid

5th        Carolyn Wilson, Lylehill

6ht       joint      Samuel Adams, Straid

                        Stuart Lyons, Seskinore




1st        Barbara McFetridge, Garvagh

2nd       Lynn Boyce, Killinchy

3rd        Richard Bartlett, Kilraughts

4th        Philip Henry, Coleraine

5th        David Little, Lisbellaw

6th        Samuel Hill, Randalstown





1st        Molly Kane, Coleraine

2nd       Matthew Gault, Dungiven

3rd        Bryan McKinley, Trillick

4th        Philip Boyes, Bleary

5th        Gilmer Bates, Straid

6th        Luke Johnston, Lisbellaw



1st        Robert Alcorn, Dungiven

2nd       Laura Chesney, Ballywalter Jnr

3rd        Michael Smyth, Coleraine

4th        Steven Moore, Coleraine

5th        Jason Henderson, Dungiven

6th        Claire Houston, Donaghadee



1st        Steven O’Neill, Coleraine

2nd       Russell Smyth, Coleraine

3rd        Kate McCormick, Donaghadee

4th        Diane Halliday, Bleary

5th        Lynne Patterson, Killinchy

6th        David Oliver, Dungiven



1st        Kathryn Taylor, Coleraine

2nd       Stephanie McCollum, Lylehill

3rd        Christina McCollum, Lylehill

4th        David Hall, Coleraine

5th        David Johnston, Curragh

6th        George Shaw, Spa



1st        John Cochrane, Coleraine

2nd       Alan Boyd, Straid

3rd        Ruth Blackburn, Seskinore

4th        Philip Henry, Coleraine

5th        John Healy, Lylehill

6th        Diane Steele, Curragh





1st       Molly Kane, Coleraine

2nd       Kerry Angus, Ballywalter Jnr

3rd        Stephen Rainey, GlenoValley

4th        Joy Dazell, Newtownards

5th        Kaitlyn Martin, Ballywalter Jnr

6th        Caitlin Topping, Garvagh



1st        Andrew Little, Lisbellaw

2nd       joint      Teresa Conon, Lisnamurrican

                        Joanne Smyth, Coleraine

4th        Andrew Sleator, Annaclone & Magherally

5th        Lauren Chesney, Ballywalter Jnr

6th        Jason Henderson, Dungiven



1st        Jocelyn Orr, Spa

2nd       Joel Flynn, Straid

3rd        Russell Smyth, Coleraine

4th        Gordon Cromie, Annaclone & Magherally

5th        Zita Blair, Moneymore

6th        Judith McKinley, Trillick



1st        Stephanie McCollum, Lylehil

2nd       Trevor Wilson, Lisbellaw

3rd        Andrew Boyd, Straid

4th        Kathryn Taylor, Coleraine

5th        Douglas McKenzie, Collone

6th        David Dodd, Spa



1st        John Cochrane, Coleraine

2nd       David Little, Lisbellaw

3rd        David Matthew, Donaghadee

4th        Nicola Harrison, Bleary

5th        Jayne Little, Lisbellaw

6th        John Healy, Lylehill