Be Farm Safe with Dedicated Farm Safe Training

2 April 2019

Be Farm Safe with Dedicated Farm Safe Training

Dedicated to raising awareness of potential dangers on a farm, as well as offering practical advice for staying safe

The Farm Safety Foundation is a small charity with BIG ambitions. Set up and funded by leading rural insurers NFU Mutual, the charity works every day across the UK to raise awareness of farm safety among young farmers aged 12-30 and reduce the number of serious and fatal accidents which continue to give farming the poorest safety record of any occupation in Northern Ireland.

Did you know that you are five times more likely to die working on a farm then you are on a construction site? Last year, 29 farm workers died on British farms. This would have been someone’s father, husband, brother or friend, or this could have been someone just like you who had sat reading an article wondering why it should matter to them. Accidents will always happen but most fatal farm accidents can be avoided if people just use their common sense and think about risk.

The Farm Safety Foundation is represented by Yellow Wellies and asks you to think about “who would fill your boots?” if something were to happen to you at work. This is not as farfetched as it sounds...

Hundreds of farmers just like you, who are members of their Young Farmer’s Club, just like you, and who think it will never happen to them, just like you, have had an accident at work that has changed their lives forever.

If you lost your arm in a Power Take-Off (PTO) accident how easy would it be to tie your shoe laces? Or cut your own steak when you’re eating your dinner?

The fact is that these accidents do happen and this is something that you really should think about!

Young Farmer Clubs of Ulster (YFCU) recognise this as a huge issue in the industry and have been working with the Yellow Wellies team to create a brand new 90-minute Farm Safe Training Session which allows you to explore the most common risks you will be faced with when working on a farm and how you can make the job safer.

If you think that farm safety matters to you and your club then contact YFCU HQ on 028 9037 0713 to book your Farm Safe Training Session, or alternatively contact your local Farm Safety Mentor.