26 June 2020


The YFCU’s Stock Judging heats sponsored by Ulster Bank are well underway under their new online format, over the last two weeks the Dairy and Sheep Stock Judging Heats have taken place.

The format is the same as the regular competition with one rings and an assessment animal. The only difference is that members are given twelve hours to complete the survey.
The Association is extremely pleased with the support from clubs, with a 250- attendee increase in participation. This increase is due to the hassle- free online approach, as members can take part in the competition at a time that suits them without having to travel around the country.
YFCU would like to take this opportunity to thank Ulster Bank for their continued sponsorship of the competition.

Dairy Heat Results

12-14- 1st- James Gregg- Glarryford
          -2nd – James Stevenson- Moycraig
14-16- 1st  Jayne Kirkpatrick- Kilraughts
          -2nd Ellen Smyth- Randalstown
16-18- 1st Thomas Smyth- Randalstown
          -2nd Jill Forsythe- Glarryford
18-21- 1st Jack Stewart- Holestone
          -2nd Aimee Agnew- Holestone
21-25- 1st Victoria Minford- Holestone
          -2nd Richard Beattie- Finvoy
25-30- 1st William Beattie- Finvoy
          -2nd Christine Maybin- Lisnamurrican
12-14- 1st Jamie Milligan- Collone
          -2nd Emma Kinnear- Bleary
14-16- 1st Ashley Neill- Collone
          -2nd James McConnell- Collone
16-18- 1st  Lauren Waddell- Mountnorris
          -2nd Sarah Ross- Collone
18-21- 1st  Elliott Moore- Mountnorris
          -2nd Matthew Gibson- Newtownhamilton
21-25- 1st Helen Laird- Bleary
          -2nd Ian Walker- Collone
25-30- 1st Amy Richardson- Bleary
          -2nd Elaine Crozier- Collone
12-14- 1st Steven Mitchell- A&M
          -2nd James Patton- Ballywalter
14-16- 1st  Sam Ellison- Rathfriland
          -2nd Hannah Martin- A&M
16-18- 1st Gareth Miskimmin- Ballywalter
          -2nd Will Cromie- Rathfriland
18-21- 1st Nicola Mitchell- A&M
          -2nd Emma Donnelly- A&M
21-25- 1st Richard Kennedy- Ballywalter
          -2nd Kaitlyn Martin- Ballywalter
25-30- 1st  Andrew Patton- Newtownards
          -2nd Jane Patton- Newtownards
12-14- 1st Dylan Hunter-Kesh
          -2nd Matthew Hunter- Kesh
14-16- 1st James Morrison- Lisbellaw
          -2nd Lucy Dunne- Kesh
16-18- 1st Jill Balfour- Lisbellaw
          -2nd Emma Sproule- Kesh
18-21- 1st  Nadine Hunter- Kesh
21-25- 1st William Parkinson- Lisbellaw
          -2nd Glen McKeown- Lisbellaw
25-30- 1st Gillian Henderson- Kesh
12-14- 1st Jessica Dunlop- City of Derry
          -2nd Oliver Watson- Coleraine
14-16- 1st Ivanna Strawbridge- Coleraine
          -2nd Alex Lamont- Coleraine
16-18- 1st  Ryan Brown- Moneymore
          -2nd Grahame Holmes- Curragh
18-21- 1st Sian Hogg- Moneymore
          -2nd Lauren McFarlane-Dungiven
21-25- 1st Ruth Adams- Coleraine
          -2nd Claire Holmes- Curragh
25-30- 1st Philip Rosborough- Curragh
          -2nd James Purcell- Dungiven
12-14- 1st Andrea McFarland- Newtownstewart
          -2nd Jack Keys- Seskinore
14-16- 1st Sarah McFarland- Newtownstewart
          -2nd Laura Hunter- Newtownstewart
16-18- 1st Alistair McKelvey- Newtownstewart
          -2nd Zara Crawford- Seskinore
18-21- 1st George Donaghy- Clanabogan
21-25- 1st Lynsay Hawkes- Seskinore
          -2nd Naomi- McConnell- Seskinore
25-30- 1st Richard Marshall- Clanabogan
          -2nd Louise Wyllee- Davies- Cookstown

Sheep Heat Results

12-14- 1st – James Gregg, Glarryford
          -2nd – Callum Donaghy, Holestone
14-16- 1st  - Victoria Currie, Kilraughts
          -2nd – Emma Knox, Crumlin
16-18- 1st – James Currie, Kilraughts
          -2nd = Jessica McConnell, Holestone and Zara Davis, Lylehill
18-21- 1st – Kimberley Johnston, Crumlin
          -2nd – David Moore, Holestone
21-25- 1st – Iain Wilson, Gleno Valley
          -2nd – Philip Buchanan, Gleno Valley
25-30- 1st – Christine Maybin, Lisnamurrican
          -2nd – Colin McAlister, Moycraig
12-14- 1st  - Emma Kinnear, Bleary
          -2nd = Rebecca George and Grace George, Collone
14-16- 1st – Ashley Neill, Collone
          -2nd – Ruth McWhirter, Collone
16-18- 1st – Sarah Ross, Collone
          -2nd – Julie Ann King, Collone
18-21- 1st – Bobby Wilson, Collone
          -2nd – Sarah Spence, Bleary
21-25-1st – Ian Walker, Collone
          -2nd – Helen Laird, Bleary
25-30- 1st  - Amy Richardson, Bleary
          -2nd – Joseph Black, Collone
12-14- 1st – Lauren Cheatley, Ballymiscaw
          -2nd – Calum Pearson, Ballymiscaw
14-16- 1st – Hannah Martin, Annaclone
          -2nd -  Alistair Sands, Annaclone
16-18- 1st – Anna Clements, Spa
          -2nd – Amy Breeze, Spa
18-21- 1st – Danielle Connolly, Spa
          -2nd Emma Parker, Spa
21-25- 1st – Robert Chesney, Ballywalter
          -2nd – Stephen Majury, Spa
25-30- 1st – Stuart Cromie, Annaclone
          -2nd Philip Donaldson, Donaghadee
12-14- 1st – Dylan Hunter, Kesh
          -2nd – Matthew Hunter, Kesh
14-16- 1st – James Morrison, Lisbellaw
          -2nd – Lucy Dunne, Kesh
16-18- 1st – Jill Balfour, Lisbellaw
          -2nd Emma Sproule, Kesh
18-21- 1st  Stephanie Bothwell, Lisbellaw
          -2nd Nadine Hunter, Kesh
21-25- 1st William Parkinson, Lisbellaw
          -2nd Rebecca Ryan, Lisbellaw
25-30- 1st George Irvine, Kesh 
          -2nd Gillian Henderson- Kesh
12-14- 1st Max Watson, Coleraine
          -2nd Jessica Dunlop, City of Derry
14-16- 1st Amy Smyth, Coleraine
          -2nd Rachel McCollum Coleraine
16-18- 1st – Graham Holmes, Curragh
          -2nd – Sarah Smyth, Coleraine
18-21- 1st – Paul Adams, Colerain
          -2nd – Maxine Smyth, Coleraine
21-25- 1st Cathy Holmes- Curragh
          -2nd Ryan Adams- Coleraine
25-30- 1st Philip Rosborough- Curragh
          -2nd Michael Torrens, Garvagh
12-14- 1st – Ellie Mae Johnston, Seskinore
          -2nd – Jacks Keys, Seskinore
14-16- 1st – Sarah Hawkes, Seskinore
          -2nd – Christine Clements, Derg Valley
16-18- 1st – Zara Preston, Cappagh
          -2nd – Jamie McCutcheon, Trillick
18-21- 1st  Rebecca Campbell, Newtownstewart
          -2nd Alan Fleming, Cappagh
21-25- 1st – Helena Clements, Derg Valley
          -2nd Lynsay Hawkes- Seskinore
25-30- 1st  Louise Wyllee- Davis- Cookstown
          -2nd Judith McKinley, Trillick