26 October 2020

The Young Farmers' Clubs of Ulster (YFCU) members recently participated in the public speaking competition finals 2020 which for first time in the Association’s history was carried out in a virtual format using online platform Zoom over three nights.
The popular competition has been kindly sponsored for a number of years by NFU Mutual Insurance Society Limited.
The competition sought to find the best prepared public speakers among the YFCU members in Northern Ireland.
In the prepared section, competitors delivered a pre-prepared speech chosen from a specified list of topics. The topics included:
Our life in lockdown
If I could be anyone for a week
Does the media coverage promote agriculture sufficiently in today’s world?
Social media has changed us for the worst
What YFCU will look like in 90 years’ time
Money makes the world go round
Recycling should be mandatory
If I knew I couldn’t fail I would...
The world would be a better place if…
The most important lesson of my life so far
My dream holiday in 2021
Coronavirus - what living through history means to me
The judges listened intently to over 250 speeches, and these were assessed according to platform manner, voice production and on the content and marshalling of facts. The judges were thoroughly impressed by a range of varied and entertaining speeches, thus had a difficult task due to the high standard presented.
The YFCU would like to thank the sponsor NFU Mutual Insurance Society Limited, the chairs, 42 judges and trainers who helped throughout the competition and finally the YFCU members who took part.
3rd – Isabella Gregg, Glarryford
2nd – Mya McCullough, Gleno Valley
1st – Jack Orr, Kilraughts
3rd – Lauren Taylor, Ballywalter
2nd – Victoria Currie, Kilraughts
1st – Stephanie Millar, Coleraine
3rd – Emma Mills, Randalstown
2nd – Emma Knox, Crumlin
1st – Adam Gaston, Glarryford
3rd – Lauren McNeill, Kilraughts
2nd – Alex Cleland, Spa
1st – James Currie, Kilraughts
3rd – Kathryn Speers, Ahoghill
2nd – Lynsay Hawkes, Seskinore
1st – Thomas McNeill, Kilraughts
3rd – Judith McKinley, Trillick & District
2nd – Shannen Vance, Trillick & District
1st – Gemma Dickey, Randalstown