10 February 2021


Unfortunately, this year's Arts Festival Competition will not be going ahead, however, we are extremely pleased to announce that we will be running FREE Arts and Drama Workshops for members. 


If you would like to register for any of the free Workshops please follow the links below: 

Producing Workshop with Fleur Mellor Tuesday 23rd February 8pm

Script Writing Workshop with Ross White Tuesday 25th February 8pm

Dance Workshop with Suzannah McCreight Saturday 6th March 10am

Choreography Workshop with Fleur Mellor Wednesday 17th March 8pm

Theatrical SFX Make Up with Connie McGrath Thursday 18th March 8pm

Theatrical Old v Beauty Make Up with Connie McGrath Wednesday 24th March 8pm

Singing Workshop with Ashley Fulton Thursday 30th March 8pm 


Producing Workshop with Fleur Mellor 

Fleur Mellor trained initially as a professional dancer at the London Studio Centre and worked touring all over the world. With 20 years in the industry she has been producing & choreographing for commercial theatre for over 12 years in London, NI & in The Netherlands. Her emphasis is on live work with a strong dance/theatre element. Working in shows, music, fashion and the corporate and commercial sectors she is passionate about visual arts and excited by every aspect from lighting to wardrobe and how all these elements come together to create an overall presentation that’s exciting to an audience or client. As a board member of Theatre & Dance NI (onethe main resource organisation for the arts & culture sector in NI) she is a fierce advocate for dance and a champion for the arts.

Workshop Summary;
What is producing exactly when it comes to putting on a performance and how do you get into it? If you’ve already done some how can you do it better? How do you produce in a pandemic?…….
A breakdown of what producing a performance actually means in real terms.

Date; Tuesday 23rd February 8;00pm
Duration; 90 minutes

Script Writing Workshop with Ross White

About; The workshop will be led by professional Playwright, screenwriter and actor Ross White. Most recently, White has written and directed upcoming film Roy starring BAFTA winner David Bradley and Academy Award winner Rachel Shenton. Having started his writing career in theatre, he has had work performed at The Abbey (Dublin), Theatre Royal Stratford East (London) and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. White will lead an engaging workshop passing on to prospective writers some of the tools he has accrued in his five years of professional experience.

Workshop Summary;
An interactive, 90-minute workshop offering an introductory look into the world of playwriting. In this session we will use exercises to break down some of the key components of dramatic writing for the theatre: character creation, idea formulation, and dialogue writing.

Date; Tuesday 25th February 8;00pm
Duration; 90 minutes

Dance Workshop with Suzannah McCreight 

Suzannah is a freelance professional dancer, teacher and choreographer based in Belfast. She is experienced in teaching dancers of all levels from compete beginners to those in professional training. This session is open to anyone with an interest in dance or movement. You may have been stuck at home, but you can experience the freedom of movement in your body, the fluidity and strength of contemporary dance technique, and the fun of learning a short sequence. With movements designed especially for online interactive learning, this session will help you get moving, whether or not you’ve ever danced before

Date; Saturday 6th March 10;00am
Duration; 90 minutes

Choreography Workshop with Fleur Mellor 

 Choreography on how to move bodies around a space and look good while doing so 

Workshop Summary;
How do you structure a dance or a musical theatre routine? How do you balance bodies in a space? What is mass movement? Exploring how to weave narrative and storytelling through movement. This is a session for those who love to move other people. You don’t have to be a dancer to be good at staging and provide basic structure to a movement section so, this hour isn’t about examining technique and how to be a better dancer but, how to get the best out of those moving for you in a space.

Date; Wednesday 17th March 8;00pm
Duration; 90 minutes

Theatrical SFX Make Up with Connie McGrath 

Workshop Summary;

Learn the various tried and tested techniques for recreating scars, burns and bruising. All things gory for theatrical theatre, you will have the opportunity to create you very own look using make up and special effect kits.   

Date; Thursday 18th March 8pm 

Duration; 90 minutes 


Theatrical Old v Beauty Make Up with Connie McGrath 

Connie McGrath is an award-winning beauty makeup and FX Artist working in film, television, theatre and bridal makeup. In addition to her career working on set and running her bridal makeup business, Connie teaches makeup FX workshops throughout N.Ireland, raising awareness of the craft as a career choice in addition to being a fun and informative pass-time for those interested in experimenting with new makeup techniques.

Workshop Summary;

Join multi-award winning make-up artist Connie McGrath live online for an old age and beauty specialised make up workshop. This workshop will teach you how to do old age theatrical make up as well as beauty enhancing make up for performances on stage.   

Date; Wednesday 24th March 8pm 

Duration; 90 minutes 

Singing Workshop with Ashley Fulton 

Not only is he Northern Irelands top vocal coach he is also the top vocal coach in the UK. With the highest number of students through London College of Music graded exams & diplomas in Music Theatre & Classical Singing. Ashley’s approach to vocal training is second to none, his coaching provides a route to industry through his curated one to one approach. 80 of his pupils to date have gone on to vocational training in Musical Theatre, and many of his students have also gone on to perform professionally and in the West End. Working also as an MD and composer, Ashley has extensive choral group experience and is the director of ‘Adoro’ an exclusive vocal group. He works regularly with local performers who love to sing and are looking to improve their knowledge. Having worked with Young Farmers as a Musical Director many years ago, he is excited to reconnect with the group through this workshop.

An introduction to singing workshop
The hours session will consist of a vocal and physical warm up, with examples of both good and bad technique so you can learn how to better protect your voice and strengthen it. While this session isn’t designed around learning a song, you will be singing away at home while you learn how to create good shapes for better vocal sound.
(As it’s just an introductory session there will not be the opportunity to work one to one in this particular workshop)

Date; Thursday 30th March 8;00pm
Duration; 60 minutes